Return To The Dungeon

Welcome to the Realm

The story begins with The Group listening to Scott rambling on about something he did in theater class. When the one light source in the room ,the 56” TV, goes out. Scott rambles on in the dark for another minute or so before stopping and hearing one of the other guys mufolisay??? something.

It’s about 12am so the room is pitch black when a blue portal like window apears in front of the TV.

Within the portal they see an old short man nealing over a younger man. In the distance there is an individual completely shrouded in a black cloak. The old man stands up and something that looks like flames emulate from his hands, you then see the other man make a small movement and the old man’s arms go limp, the flames explode as his arms fall and he falls limp on the ground. When he hits the ground the undulating edges of the portal shatter and the room is flooded in a blue light.

The room goes back to normal but there is now sunlight coming through the window. After the group gets their bearings, David heads to the door to see what is going on. He finds that his part of the house and the car have been relocated to a grassy field and the 2 people in the portal are on the ground. David then proceeds to loot the younger man as Brian performs first-aid on the dying old man.

The old man tells Brian to inform the Tower guard of what has transpired, and he says; I am sorry I am not going to be here to help you as I did the others, stay on the roads and take these rings of the hive mind to help you in your quest, this is alot to bear but I know you will succeed with the last of my magic I will make sure of it. He then materializes a pen from a tattoo on his opposite hand. Reluctantly everyone gets a tattoo on the back of their hand. The old man then tiredly says; I will now bid you farewell, we will never meet again. He then jabs the pen into his arm, the tattoos glow, the pen glows, and he vanishes into a blue light.

Everyone salvages everything they can from the car and the house and put it into a makeshift wagon. Following the river they come across a road and follow it. In their 4 days on the road Scott practiced juggling and David and Brian fished for rations. After following the road they come across a small town called Tirianin. Being low on currency David sells the extra fish they have gotten and the art he had in his room, Scott makes a deal with the town innkeeper to perform in return for lodgings.

Scott finds it odd that a port town is not bigger and decides to gather information from the people in town. He finds out that it has only been 20 years since Venger was defeated by the Heroes and the minions Venger had in the oceon are still there. Travel on land is safe only on the roads that are patrolled.

After selling some more fish and the last of the are??? they set course for Ylarie the closest of the forts. Brian and David one again fish to provide the food needed for the day and Scott manages to kill a dear on the 3rd and 6th day and keeps one of the antlers.

When they arrive, David sells the vast overstock of fish they have gathered, Scott is glad to find out that there is no Artisan’s guild in this town and heads to the nearest inn only to find out there is already a bard there, but he has better luck on the second inn. The innkeeper has no problem with the rooming for show idea. Brian and David decide to try to get more people to come to Scott’s rendition of Episode 1, and are well tipped thanks to Scott’s Memorable performance. The group then decides to go to their well earned room to turn in for the night.



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