Return To The Dungeon

Meeting DART and the Circus

After getting much needed rest at the inn, the group goes to the tower at the center of town, and reports to commander Har that both the old short man and the younger man are dead. This news hits him fairly hard and Har tells the secretary/scryer to report this immediately.

As Har is speaking to the secretary, some of the group members hear a large creature approaching the town and they go outside to investigate. When they are outside, they see a caravan coming into town and the lead wagon being pulled by an elephant. A town guard seems to have stopped them and is talking to them. The guard then heads towards the tower and presents some papers to Har {They say they are with the performance guild here to perform a show called a circus by De Stilji, there papers seem to be in order, they would like to set up outside of town} Har looks the papers over and gives the ok.

The circus begins to set up outside of town, they put up some flyers in the town square both promoting and asking for workers to set up the tent. David and Bryant take down the posters so Scott does not lose audience and head over to the circus to work. Dan and Jason go out of town to gather herbs for medicine and narcotics that Dan is making, Jason later gets the materials to make some explosives. Scott rehearses for what will be the last show before all the people will be at the circus. While working at the circus, both David and Bryant find it odd that the animals are all wering the same collars and not making any noises, when they try to get closer they are stopped by some of the circus people. That night’s performance is one of Scott’s best thus far, he is also approached by a member of the Artisan’s guild.

The next day, the circus puts up the last details for that night’s show. The day is uneventful, the group goes to the big top to see De Stilji’s show.

It is a large tent held up by two tall heavily decorated tree-size poles 30-ft apart. There are five large performing circles, diving tank, lion tamer, jugglers, bear act, and a warrior dueling circle that is a bit bigger. Scattered around are various gymnasts which are aided in their performances by some illusionists who are adding lighting and special effects. The show goes on with various Ooos and Awws. The lights are then dimmed and through a cloud of fog the elephant enters the tent through one of the entrances, the two poles holding up the big tent then start glowing and a shimmering blue wall appears between the poles. Shortly thereafter, three rust monsters come out of the wall, and go straight for the fighters in armor. One of the fighters on the bench starts running for the exit. The group starts getting the feeling this is not a good place to be and cuts a slit in the tent behind them to get out. They start leaving through the hole in the tent as two larger rust monsters step through the now obvious portal. To prevent any creatures from following them and encourage people to leave the tent, David threw a home-made napalm-filled bottle at the opening he put in the tent.

On their way to the inn they were staying at, they see the rust monsters head towards the towers with the guards fighting in vain since any sword they use is rusted away after a single attack. After getting their stuff at the inn, the group heads to a shop that would have the materials Jason would need to make explosives. While at the shop, they are attacked one of the smaller rust monsters. David closes the door and when the hinges are rusted away, he pinned the creature with the door Bryant quickly comes to assist David and Scott stunning fist it. Stun and pinned, the hungry thing quickly dies. The group then leaves heading East to Eldros.



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