Death and destruction to all who oppose me.

About Venger
  • Son of (Knowledge history 55)
  • Brother of (Knowledge history 45)
  • The overlord of the Realm
  • An evil wizard of great power who seeks to use a set of powerful magical weapons to bolster this power and acquire complete power over the Realm.
  • Described by many as an evil force, comparable to the devil, it is occasionally hinted that he was once good, but fell under a corrupting influence.
  • He has one horn (placed as if to suggest the absence of a second), powerful magic, and powerful minions.
  • His voice is deep and has an artificial reverberation (reminiscent of Darth Vader’s).
  • Was an apprentices of the Dungeon Master before (for reasons unknown) he started fallowing the teachings of He Whose Name Cannot Be Spoken.

Venger had been busy conquering people, acquiring slaves and winning a war against Karena. Venger is far from invincible and his plans for total domination are often thwarted.

Allies … er … Individuals that don’t want to surfer so they follow Venger
  • Shadow Demon
  • Lizard men
  • Bullywugs
Enemies not yet dead At well over a 1000 years old the list is short.


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