Eric Most

A spoiled child, originating from a rich home. On the surface Eric is a selfish, egotic, big-mouthed coward. And yet he has a well-hidden heroic core, and will saves his friends from danger when all the chips are down


6 Cavalier. He wields a Magic Shield.

About Eric
  • Son of ? and ?
  • Brother of Michael
  • Eric was the defensive and spoilt rich-kid
  • Also a cowered but shows courage where he needs too
  • Always on the out look for a quick bit of money
  • Wielder a magic shield that could withstand anything and can project a force field
  • Despite his egotism, selfishness, and snobbery, Eric is potentially also the most realistic group member, complaining about the dire situations in which he is involved and voicing concerns which might be common to inhabitants of our world transplanted to the Realm
  • Despite his cowardice and reluctance, Eric has a well-hidden heroic core, and constantly saves his friends from danger
  • After the majority of Venger’s remaining forces were disposed of Eric returned home
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Eric Most

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